Our Annual Service is a practical cost saving way for young families to manage all of their waste streams. We provide two or three bin service depending on where you live. Each bin is emptied fortnightly ensuring all your bins always have capacity. There is a level monthly charge from only €25 for this service, so you know exactly what it costs. “Fair Use” terms apply, in line with current regulations. 350kgs of waste,195kgs of recyclables and 195kgs of compost *Per 6 Months


Standard 3 Bin Service

  • rom €25 per month
  • *General Waste fortnightly
  • Recyclables fortnightly
  • Compost fortnightly

*Excess waste is 0.20cent per kilo,    excess recycling and compost is 15cent per kilo

-Prices are for new sign ups for a minimum of a 12 month contract

Switch and save money on your account from only €25 per month.

  • All three bins emptied every two weeks!
  • 240L Waste
  • 240L Recycling
  • 140L Compost

We accept many different payment methods.

Pay As You Go

  • No service charge
  • General waste: €13.50 per lift
  • €6.50 recycling per lift

Waste limit 40kg , Recycling Limit 15kg

We accept many different payment methods.