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Collection & Bin Queries

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Collection dates are published on the Allied Recycling app or on our website please follow this LINK
All general waste

Soiled food Packaging
Old candles
Plasters, etc
Vacuum cleaner contents
Broken delph
Contaminated plastics

Recycling bin

Dry, Clean, Loose Materials
Newspapers/General paper
Cardboard Packaging
Drink (Aluminium) Cans
Washed Food (Steel/Tin) Cans
Washed Tetra-Pak Milk & Juice Cartons
Plastic Bottles (Mineral/Milk/Juice/Shampoo/Detergents)
Rigid Plastics (Pots/Tubs/Trays*)
If items once contained food or liquid they must be rinsed clean and given a shake to remove the water before going into your recycle bin. Food and liquid can contaminate the materials in the recycling bin. Wet paper cannot be recycled.

Food waste/Compost

Leaves, weeds and mosses (not sprayed with weed killer)
Dead plants and flowers
Grass and hedge cuttings (finger sized twigs)
Bread, pasta and rice
Meat, fish, poultry bones
Out of date food (no plastic packaging)
Tea bags, coffee grounds and paper filters
Fruit and vegetables (cooked and uncooked)
Food soiled cardboard or paper (no coated paper)
Eggs and dairy products (no plastic packaging)
Paper napkin and paper towels
Your bin will be collected the saturday before the holiday and you will receive a text message to confirm this.
It is a required under the Household Food Waste Regulations 2013 that a waste collector must provide a brown bin collection service fortnightly. This is to ensure food waste is collected regularly and often so there are no odour issues for the householder and also to provide the best possible product after treatment at a composting facility giving the best environmental outcome for everyone.
If your bin is broken, please call us to arrange a replacement bin, depending on your contract there may be a charge for replacement bins.
Please contact us on 046 9433366 to order a replacement bin. Replacement bins are chargeable at a cost of €40 each
When your bin is lifted, the microchip in the bin is read and the weight recorded (less the weight of the actual bin) is automatically communicated to our Backoffice. All our trucks have NSAI approved weighing equipment.

Each price plan has a weight allowance -
Pay per lift has an allowance per lift, if your bin weighs in excess of this allowance you will be charged for each kg over the allowance.

Standard bin service - customer weights will be accumulated over 6 months and any excess weights (Over your 6-monthly allowance) will be charged per kg on your next bill, billing occurs in January and July of each year.
Standard Bin Service invoices are issued half yearly in January & July of each year.
What Time Should I leave my bin out?

Please leave your bin out the night before your collection is scheduled.
Our waste collection service is a kerbside collection, and we recommend that your bins be presented kerbside and visible to our operatives.
Recycling bins can be rejected due to:

  • Contamination

  • Bin was not out in time

  • Account has gone into arrears

Although you have made your payment it can take a few hours for it to reflect on your account. We request that all payments be made at least 48 hours prior to collection to ensure there is no service interruption.
You can log into your account with your unique account number and PIN.
Have “your account” link here -
Your request for closure should be in writing to [email protected].
On receipt of this, your account will be closed and your empty bins removed. A €15 per bin removal fee will be added at this point.

Billing and Payment

You can pay online by clicking HERE and logging into your account or by calling us on 046 943 3366. DOWNLOAD our app today for a faster and easier way to pay.
By visiting Household Ways To Pay - Allied Recycling and completing the direct debit mandate.

Skip Queries

To view our range of skips please click HERE
Standard rental is 7 days thereafter a charge of €30 per week applies.
You need a permit to put a skip on a public road where parking restrictions apply.

This includes:
Double yellow lines
Paid parking zones, e.g. pay-and-display

You do not need a permit if you want to put a skip on a road with no parking restrictions. If you are unsure you can ring your local council & they will advise if a permit is needed.

New Customers

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