Mental Health Awareness Month

Oh, what’s in here? Mental Health Awareness Month

bin man looking in a black domestic bin

Have you seen our new video? Check it out below:

We really appreciate the response this has received from our customers and the wider community.

As a family run business, we know how tough this past year has been on everyone. And we want you all to know, you’re not alone.

When creating this advert, we had a task before us “how do we make rubbish glamorous?” and we decided not to. We set out to entertain and provide some relief to those among us at our wits end.

We know that this time can be isolating, lonely, and difficult. Its so important that we support each other through this, which is where we got our tagline #BeEverythingThatYouNeed.

If you have ever been lonely, isolated, and in difficult times, Be everything that you needed to someone else.

Allied Happiness

We wanted to provide a laugh, but also to convey a message of how we are in this all together. And we also wanted to share our belief that better days are coming. And we know they are.

If you know someone in need of a little cheering up, or a good laugh, why not send them this video?

We hope you have as much fun watching it as we did making it!

Two men inside a bin lorry
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