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Another Year Another Chance To Make A Difference

So with the New year we all feel the need to make the usual resolutions, exercise more,  eat better, sleep better etc etc. These are all great healthy changes personally but have you ever thought of making better resolutions for the environment and even in the household.  As we know,one small change like using a reusable coffee cup saves tones of unrecyclable plastic from going to landfill. There are  so many things that we can alter personally to make a massive change to our environment.


It is so hard to keep up with what can and, mostly, cannot be recycled and placed into our recycling bin. Last year, we seen the launch of recycling where we learned that soft plastics such a crisp packets and plastic packaging cannot be placed into our recycling bin. It is hard to find products that soft plastic has not enveloped itself to.

Ecobricks are now slowly becoming a new trend to resolve this situation while we, the consumer, are left with little to no option to accept it in most supermarkets. Eco bricks are simply plastic bottles compacted as much as physically possible with clean dry soft plastic until they reach a certain weight per volume per bottle.

It is incredible how much plastic can be compacted into one bottle. Water bottles are not to be used as they are a single use plastic. More and more organisations, are jumping on board with idea and they are a few drop off points in Ireland already.  For more info on ecobricks please see on the following link

ecobrick blog

2. Save the Bees!

Without bees there would be no us, simple as! We need bees for pollination for our food and crops. Unfortunately, bee colonies are on a rapid decline due to damaging effect humans are having on the planet. Harmful pesticides and air pollution caused by us are literally wiping them out. It is important to realise how vital bees are to us. They pollinate over 100 types of food that we all consume on a daily basis. Without bees, we not have grass for live stock, without live stock ,we would not have meat or dairy.

So what can we do to help the bees? There are a few things that can be helped such as stop using harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. Build a bee house from wooden or reusable materials, there are a world of videos and blogs to help show you how.

Contact your local council and see if any local parks or grassed areas can be allowed for bee garden that can be filled with bee friendly and wild flowers. Another small tip is to support your local bee keeper, by buying locally-made honey and beeswax products. Many beekeepers use products from their hives to create soaps, lotions, and beeswax candles. There are plenty more tips on the following link


bee hotel 1   bees flowers 1  bee hous 1


We are continuing our blog over the next week with the following suggestions for you to help make better decisions for you and the environment…

3. Shopping Locally

4. Eat Less Meat

5. Reduce your electricity use

6. Keeping you and your house clean, the environmentally friendly way

7. Starting your compost

8. Plant more plants…and trees!

9. Water Filters

10. Recycle, Up Cycle!

If you have any suggestions to add to our blog you can email us on [email protected]  or click here


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