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Eco Eddie & His Bionic Blue Bin

A 6th class in a rural school have created something special.It is not only book on informing people about the environment and recycling.It is more than just a book it is a movement in which young people can educate themselves on the importance of how we treat our environment and why it is so vital that we recycle in order to do this..

Today we visited Carnaross N.S.(just outside of Kells) Co. Meath, for a most special occasion. The 6th class pupils and Ms Sherlock have been devoting themselves for the past year to creating a new social movement in primary schools. They have written and designed a book whereby they are educating people, of all ages, the importance of recycling and conservation.

They have created not just a book but a pathway for other students and people to educate themselves on the importance of recycling and why it is essential to our livelihoods.

‘Eco Eddie and his bionic blue bin’ is filled plentiful with facts and information. We were delighted to see the quality and the standard that the class has to offer. The class plan to bring the book to a new platform and sell it at their local vintage fair. They also plan to return their profits to the school and community.

Carnaross N.S. now has an astounding five green schools flags. The future for this school and its pupils is surely a bright one. We wish the students best of luck in their business venture you have truly blown us away with your hard work and effort. We would also like to thank Ms Sherlock for inviting us over and congratulate her on doing such a fantastic job.

Well done to all involved!



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