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Prices and Payment Plans

Our aim to provide our customers with the best advise on prices and payments plans. We encourage recycling and reducing your waste to help you find a little extra spending money in your pocket.

Annual Service Charge

The Annual option is recommended for a family household or more than 3 adult occupiers, where there is a larger waste stream. There is a fixed monthly rate where you can pay by direct debit of quartly installments. We accept many different payment methods.

When becoming a new customer, we require a deposit of 2 months up front to cover the initial set up and delivery of bins (if required).

New Annual Customer

  • Fixed Yearly Service Charge €348 /€29 per month 
  • Minimum payment is 3 months €87 


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E-Tag Option

The E-Tag is an automated prepay system and works on the same principal as prepay mobile phones. You top up your account with credit in advance, each time we empty your wheelie bin we deduct the cost from your account. The cost per lift is the exactly the same as the paper bin tag however there are much more benefits.

WASTE PER LIFT (Max weight allowed 40kg) RECYCLING PER LIFT (Max Weight allowed 20kg)
€13.50 €6.50

Important Points to Remember.

Excess weight over 40kgs is charged at .20 cent per kilo for general waste. 

  • Charges are based on 240 litre size waste and recycling bins.
  • Bins remain the property of Allied Recycling.
  • Compost bins are supplied to annual customers only in designated areas.
  • All material must be placed inside the bin, excess material alongside or on top of the bin is not permitted and the bin lid must be firmly closed.


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   Weight Watchers

  • Half Yearly Service Charge €48
  • Waste Bin : 33c per kg
  • Compost Bin : 20c per kg
  • Recycling : 10c per kg
  • Fortnightly collection of all bins
  • Min Prepaid Balance on Account €30


  • Half Yearly Service Charge €75
  • Waste Bin : 23c per kg
  • Compost Bin : 15c per kg
  • Recycling : 8c per kg
  • Fortnightly collection of all bins
  • Min Prepaid Balance on Account €30